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Graham you wrote:

>Has anyone information on any sort of "leadership skill scale"?

I have never seen one scale depicting leadership strength.

However in our coaching of managers using 360 degree feedback from peers,
boss and direct reports, we use the Clark Wilson survey models of
management and leadership (we are certified to use their surveys).

The thing managers like is that both are process models that show the big
phases or steps of management and leadership. Each step impacts other
steps. What you do first has the biggest impact.

As you know management is about the rational side of a manager's job -
holding the gains, trying to keep things predictable, consistent.

Leadership is about the emotional side of a manager's job - giving a sense
of purpose and hope and creating positive changes.

Here are the phases for each per Clark Wilson Group. I would suggest you
use these as catalysts for thinking not use word-for-word since they are
their models.

Management Model Phase I Goal setting Phase II Planning and problem
solving Phase III Facilitating work of others Phase IV Exercising control
Phase V Reinforcing good performance

Leadership Model
Phase I Establishing vision
Phase II Sensing the environment
Phase III Gaining commitment
Phase IV Drive
Phase V Recognition

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