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Rol Fessenden (76234.3636@CompuServe.COM)
17 May 97 00:32:25 EDT

Replying to LO13627 --

Richard Holloway says,

"Ultimately, accountability or responsibility are those conditions of
social life that we acknowledge as binding us to a particular behavior or
sets of behavior. None of us will agree on what those conditions are,
except generally and even then, situationally. I believe that within
these posting I hear a great intent to project values onto others and then
moan over those others' great lack of accountability.

"In a material, social context, if I employ you then I create the
standards for accountability. The employment relationship implies your
acceptance of my standards. However, if I want your creativity, your
heart, then I may need to create a shared concept of these terms with

-- end or quote --

This is almost an excellent summary of what accounability is all about.
In particular, there really is an intent to project values onto others.
It may be that some people also do the moaning, but this is NOT inherent
in accountability. In an organizational context it is appropriate and
even necessary that there be some core of shared values. There need be no
apology for requiring others to adhere to these, to believe in them, to
own them for themselves.

I agree that accountability is a set of conditions that bind us to certain
behaviors. In an organizational context, again, there is no need for
apology for this. It is a requirement of organizational functioning.
Robbery is, for example, against the law. We all accept that. Not
practicing robbery is a precondition for being a 'normal' functioning
citizen of the country.

Finally, I agree tht employment implies acceptance of the organization's
stndards. At LL Bean, customer service and quality are requirements.
Anyone who cannot accept these standards cannot give us their creativity
and their heart, and should not work here.

I agree with all except the "moaning", but I accpet it as a positive --
even exhilirating -- condition, not a negative.


Rol Fessenden

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