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I would agree with you about the notion of professionalism. Perhaps we
could add to our list of books to dialogue about
The Reflective Practitioner, How Professionals Think in Action by
Donald Schon. 1983 - Basic Books.

I was lucky to find it in a used book store in Florida. There are many
pearls of wisdom. I used the tenets of an action learning organization as
an organizing framework for my dissertation, (almost finished 'cept for
the editing) and found Schon's work in general to be very supportive to
the notions of action learning.

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>Accountability has an ideal and a reality.
>We always need to be matching ideal and reality..
>If an ideal is continually being corrupted by reality, is that a problem
>with the ideal or the reality?
>We need to pay more attention to professionalism.
>Professionalism arises because there is not an obvious connection between
>what we do and what the outcome is. We need to learn those that have done
>it before, and have theories about the connection. It also involves an
>ethic about what is important in doing this. We set up training programs
>to enable this to happen. We need to do this in many areas because life is
>too complex.
>I believve we need to learn more from professionalism - can it be revived?

"We are Learning in turbulent times!"


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