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Graham wrote:

>Has anyone information on any sort of "leadership skill scale"? What
>I need is a simple scale against which managers in an organisation can
>assess their leadership skills. They have little understanding of
>what leadership means in the work situation and what I am looking for is
>something against which they can measure themselves and which will
>also give them an idea of what could be.

In my experience, "appropriate" leadership skills depend on the
context. Take, for example, a group of spilunkers trapped in a cave after
a cave-in. Depending on the prospects for outside assistance, the
appropriate response would be to either take charge and try to dig their
way out or to settle back and try not to deplete too much oxygen by
vigorously moving a bunch of rocks. This simple example points out the
need for diversity of skills and perspectives, perhaps especially amongst
leaders! Diversity is not just politically correct, it's smart.
The Human Patterns Instrument -- which I recommended in a previous
posting to assess learning styles -- gives not only a measure of the
various leadership behaviors (inspiring others, challenging and pushing
others, serving as a role model, coaching and enabling others, and
appreciating and recognizing others), but also shows what leadership
motivations an individual has (maintaining organizational structure,
developing new processes, delegating and develpoing others, exercising
authority, and conserving assets and resources), i.e. helps match the
leadership skills necessary for a particular organizational need at a
particular time. There's also a whole section of management capabilities,
but my use of the instrument has mostly been in leadership development.
To help your organization decide what leadership capacities they
need I recommend contacting The Center for Creative Leadership. They can
also help your organization developthese skills. I don't have their url
off-hand, but their phone number in Greensboro, NC is (910) 545-2810 (They
also have offices in Brussels, Colorodo Springs and San Diego.)
I hope this helps! BTW: I saw a lot of "I" and "they" in your
posting. I hope you, too, will be assessing your leadership capacities in
your organization. ;} All the best,


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