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Replying to LO13611 -- was Intro -- S. Chou

>Peter Senge (1996) said that managing learning isn't about "control", but
>improving committment. In my opinion using extrinsic rewards is a form of
>using control (the carrot as in the "carrot and the stick"). Shouldn't
>managers just rely on intrinsic motivation and forget about changing
>reward systems?

This whole notion of intrinsic motivation was one of the cornerstones of
WE Demings work the transformation of management. There is a list
dedicated to the discussion of his work and last December we had a lengthy
discussion of motivation - intrinsic and extrinsic - you should be able to
access the files of this by following these instructions I took from my
welcome post...

d. find archived files on a given topic? Connect to by www or gopher and select one of the index
search options.

Also you might like to look at the work of Alfie Cohen - he spoke at the
British Deming Association one year and was very intersting and
provocative. His book 'Punished by Rewards' has some interesting data on
the subject of intrinsic motivation.

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