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Sun, 18 May 97 16:02:04 UT

Dear all,

I publish the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire which has been a
standard with over 20 years work. If you want to see a great article
about the MLQ, see the February '97 issue of American Psychologist. This
article by Bernard Bass is about the bottom line utility, and the cross
cultural and cross industry nature of the MLQ. The authors are Bernard
Bass and Bruce Avolio. Bernie is also author of the Bass and Stogdill
Handbook of Leadership published by Free Press.

The MLQ has 5 scales that measure transformational leadership. 3 scales
that measure transactional leadership and one non-leadership scale,
laissez-faire. Thus, it is a Full Range leadership instrument because it
measures the whole range of leadership behaviors.

The MLQ is also available online. For a demonstration see

Please contact me if you want more information.

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