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Mon, 19 May 1997 13:16:51 -0500

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Carol Johnson asks:

> My mission (which I
> most enthusiastically accepted) is to build a corporate-wide learning
> structure.
> . I
> am looking to this group to uncover how to begin building from scratch.
> It feels like a HUGE lump of clay, ready to be molded, where is the true
> beginning?

Carol, I just came upon your note from a couple weeks back. You might
begin as the company referenced in LO posting, LO13591,did. (Learning
Support: How To?).

They formed a learning group comprised of members which represented all
the line functions and corporate geographic sites of the organization.
Using Dee Hocks "Choardic Organization' thinking, they evolved a statement
of purpose and identified core operating principles together. There is an
assumption that each site will benefit from maximum flexibility in shaping
their learning strauctures, supports, and goals. The desire was to provide
a guiding set of principles which would ensure the various efforts stay
aligned in overall mission. Ongoing work is being done to continue to
support simultaneously the values of 'localness' and whole system
perspectives and efficiencies. They are in the midst of gathering some
informal 'benchamrking' info from interested people on a similr path. You
might like joining that conversation. Thanks Fran Alexander --


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