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Ray wrote:

> This is fun but I must retire to my family. I always love that question
> about Einstein. Did Einstein really practice the violin for fun or was
> pleasure a result of the real reason he practiced the violin? And did it
> have anything to do with relativity?

I do not know if Einstein played the violin for fun but I do know that he
tutored a neighbors young daughter for fun:

"The girls teaccher noticed a great and sudden improvement in her
mathematics work. When she asked the girl what was responsible for
the improvement, the girl told her about an elderly neighbor who was
helping her. The teacher told the mother who approached the great
mathematician at his home to appologize for her daughter. Einstein
graciously explained that he looked forward to her visits. 'But it is such
a waste of your time,' said the mother. 'What do you get out of it ?'
'Very simple, ' replied Einstein, 'Every time I help her with her homework,
she gives me a lillipop.' "

There are a ton of great Einstein stories. My students really enjoyed this
one. To be that great and to find joy in such a simple activity is a real
measure of his greatness. Huuuummm, what were his learnings here ?

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