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The following press release pertains to one of the newest members of the
World Wide Web Virtual Library, specifically the new section on Knowledge

The WWW_VL Knowledge Management section is accessible at:


Yogesh Malhotra
@BRINT Research Initiative



@BRINT Underscores Its Strategic Thrust on Knowledge Management:
Launches the World Wide Web Virtual Library on Knowledge Management

Contact: Yogesh Malhotra, Principal & Founder

Pittsburgh, PA, May 17, 1997 -- Many of the frequent users of the @BRINT
Research Initiative had already observed the emergent thematic emphasis of
it's virtual initiative on Knowledge Management.

For instance, Harvard Business Publishing press had recently reviewed this
site observing that this resource "will keep enthusiasts of Knowledge
Management entertained for hours." Tom Stewart, member of editorial board
of Fortune, and author of the bestseller Intellectual Capital, had
characterized this site as a "superb collection of articles on knowledge
management and intellectual capital." Tom Petzinger, Jr., the noted author
and columnist of The Wall Street Journal had recently held an extensive
discussion with Yogesh Malhotra, the principal and founder of @BRINT
Research Initiative, on issues related to Knowledge Management. More
recently, in its review of the @BRINT Research Initiative, the newsletter
published by the US Vice President's National Performance Review online
initiative, had noted: "For you web surfers, and even those people new to
the Internet, here's a site to build curiosity." Many other visitors of
this site have also shared their views about the "the most comprehensive
coverage of Knowledge Management" currently available on the Internet.

To underscore its thematic focus more explicitly, @BRINT Research
Initiative has become the sponsor and developer of the World Wide Web
Virtual Library on Knowledge Management. For those who are not familiar
with the World Wide Web Virtual Library, it is the grandfather of most
subject directories on the World Wide Web initiated by folks at the World
Wide Web Consortium.

Mr. Malhotra notes: "We are very excited in contributing our two bits in
shaping the future of this brand new area that seems to be of great
significance to the new era that explicitly recognizes the importance of
knowledge capital and intellectual assets. Our interest has been
stimulated by a number of one-on-one interactions over the last few months
with senior organization scholars, senior executives in the corporate and
government sectors, and business press journalists who share our
excitement in issues relevant to Knowledge Management."

He also mentioned that many of their initiatives, already in the pipeline
over the last few months, are expected to contribute to @BRINT's online
coverage of this most exciting topic on the organizational horizon.


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