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Lon wrote
> So, back to my initial questions. For me, no matter what anyone says
> about efficiency, or schedules, or logistics or following rules; education
> which does not recognize and revel in our sense of curiosity and wonder is
> missing the greater picture - life is a journey.

Dear Lon,

I think you made a wonderful point there. Curiosity.

My son is nearly 3 years old and I'm often astonished how he perceives the
world around him. He can stand in front of a bulldozer or a excavator for
about have an hour just watching. He stands in front of automatic doors
and tries to move just as far forward as it is necessary to open the door.
This all, I think, is curiosity, he is trying to learn, to understand.

I wonder why, so often, this ceases when people get older.

All the best

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