Co. Name feedback? LO13729
Tue, 27 May 1997 08:33:30 -0800

Replying to LO13710 --

I find suggestion from Cyndi Wong <>
i.e. "Learning Mastery Alliance or Alternatives"
most interesting. It also satisfies Sherri's requirement
of LMA. Both "Learning" and "Mastery" are powerful
words (concepts) especially after understanding the theories
behind as per Dr. Peter Senge's 5th Discipline.

However to many people who are not familar with such
concepts / theories, the words give rise to different
meaning. Given the current paradigm of fragmentation
manageemnt, i.e. "divide and manage" doctrine, "Learning"
and "Mastery" can be viewed with very narrow perspective
within the compartmentalized cocoon. For example any member
of the organisation can claim "Learning" and "Mastery"
in his or her doing, or justification of doing, just like
any initiative can be viewed as CHANGE PROCESS or QUALITY,
but could bring about chaos and laibility to organisation.
(Refer "Choas Created by Sincerity!" as per homepage

My apology for bringing up the above comments without
offering any creative idea on what LMA should stand for.
Over to other creative member of this LO list.


Andrew Wong
Organisation Observer and Thinker


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