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Fri, 30 May 1997 14:03:55 -0500

Replying to LO13682 --

Charlie recently wrote:

"However, I did find a very good posting to help get one started. It is
from Joe Katzman, August 12, 1996, LO9045. It has good introductory
material plus a very good, but short, list of reading and research
materials. I hope it is as helpful to you as was to me."

Charlie, I'm thrilled you found it helpful. Yes, this posting can be
accessed through the original LO archives. However, there is a version
which has been updated with more links, better interface, etc. on my web

The title of that article is "Too Busy to Learn?" It, and some other
articles I've written, can be found via

All the best to you in your quest.


Joe Katzman "The more you know, Center for Business Knowledge the more you can Ernst & Young Canada imagine."

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