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Sat, 31 May 1997 11:47:29 +1000

Replying to LO13762 (Ray Evans Hall) who was replying to LO13747 (Stever


When you ask Stever, "Does your gayness separate you or are you doing
it?", I think you miss the point altogether. Your proposal to come up
with alternative things to do in the company if you don't happen to like
baseball or hiking reduces this to a question merely of choosing which
extramural events to join or set up .

This altogether bypasses the somewhat more complex issue of how people
find their own voices in organisations (of any kind, even families) when
other voices are singing a different song, and louder, most of the time.
To reduce this to Stever's issue alone, or to see it primarily in event
terms - well, hey, set up an opera group then! - is to perpetuate, perhaps
unwittingly, the myth that alienation is the fault of the individual
concerned and not a symptom of group life which all need to attend to.

(And you could replace "gayness" with any number of other words, with the
same effect.)



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