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Dear Armando

I was interested in your posting on schools as learning organisations.
You may be interested to know about the work I and some graduate students
are doing with schools in Sydney area.

Last year we conducted workshops utilising dialogue and team learning. At
the moment we are working with a private school to introduce LO principles
into the way it operates. We have only just begun this process but should
have some results in the next few months. We have introduced the concept
of learning histories and a number of faculties in the school are using
them to bring about changes in their ways of doing things

In two weeks time we will conduct a series of workshops for30 principals
and other senior school executives on the concepts of LOs and how they
might be utilised to improve schools.

Last year Bob McLeod and I presented a paper containing preliminary
findings on the usefulness of the concepts of learning organisations for
schools and universities at the Australian Systems Conference.

Kevin Laws

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