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Barry Mallis (
11 Aug 97 08:31:45 +0000

Replying to LO14630 -- Was: Intro -- Ronaldo Borger

One basis of all improvement work are the SDCA/PDCA cycles. If one is
trying to improve something, one must in the P, or Planning, stage develop
a mtric by which you will know if improvements desired have been achieved.

In the case of organization culture and climate, I wonder if you might
look at historical financial data, among other things. Having taken a
measure of activities in the past, you can then set a metric for
improvement due, in part, to new systems. For exa mple, if historical
analysis indicates an annual growth of X%, and Y% of incoming customer
calls dropped (never answered, etc., etc., then you have some measures
against which to guage success. By linking the climate work ( improvement
activities) to daily work activities, you may with reason be able to
support employees' new feelings about direction, intentio and vision by
using tangible results. Results will support psychological orientation w
hich will in turn support new, better, fact-based results.


Best regards, Barry Mallis Manager - Quality and Development MARKEM Corporation

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