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Try Pettigrew, ferlie and McKee, Shaping Strategic Change: The case of the
National Health Service. Sage, 1992, p39

"Reforms initially promise simplicity and consistency, although in later
stages of implementation the ability otlive up to early promises may be
questioned. Strong fashoions in the stock of managerial knowledge
guarantee that the practices of organisations will periodically appear
old-fashioined and in need of 'reform'. Reforms will often come in cycles,
aided by the fact that most organisations are often forgetting rather than
learning organisations."


Gray Southon

At 10:30 AM 27/8/97 +0800, Alan Luks wrote:
>Not quite on the topic of unlearning, but does anyone have any
>thoughts/articles/references on the loss of organisational knowledge
>and/or culture as a result of downsizing, i.e. with middle management
>being stripped from the organisation, those positions which traditionally
>provided the career path from the lower rungs to the upper rungs, the area
>where staff learned about the culture and how to get things done has now
>Alan Luks <luksa@cbs.curtin.edu.au>

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