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At 14:48 02-01-98 +0000, Simon Buckingham wrote:
>I am currently writing a detailed report on customer service: what it is,
>why it goes wrong, how to avoid it, how to introduce the incentives...
>I now have a lot of this in place but I have not referred to any outside
>sources. Can anyone recommend good customer service books?

It's fair to say that I'm surprised that you would venture so far into
such frequently plowed ground without consulting the works of Jim Heskett
and Earl Sasser on service delivery. These fellows and their associates
have written a fine series of books on service definition, delivery, and
recovery. Commencing in the 1980's these former OR (Operations Research)
researchers authored a fine series of books that still hold up well. Put
'Heskett' and 'Harvard' into your browser of choice and you'll turn the
titles, such as "Service Breakthroughs: Changing the Rules of the Game."
Go to the HBR as there are pertinent articles there as well, some by


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