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Tue, 6 Jan 1998 13:58:00 -0500

Greetings to the List,

My company has done a piece of work with its senior and
mid-level managers to profile the 'Manager of the Future' in
our service industry and would like to validate and adjust
this profile with external managers (external to our

As the HR consultants who guided us through the original
methodology are located in Chicago, we decided to host a
long half day session, facilitated by these same
consultants, in a downtown Chicago location to be
determined, probably in the latter part of February.

I'm having troubles contacting the right interested parties
in Chicago from San Francisco. The right parties would be
mid-level managers from medium-to-large companies with the
responsibility for managing a business unit. Doesn't matter
if the company is a manufacturing or service business.

I've been able to contact and interest about 4 people but
I'd like a final group of 10 to make the session worthwhile.
We'll provide the consultant, the meeting room, a working
lunch and the results of the work. They just have to bring
their brains and get there.

If you know of someone who might be interested in
participating would you please provide me with their contact
information, or alternatively give them my email
information. I'd hate to cancel the session through 'lack
of interest' when it's probably more likely to be lack of

Ryder Jones


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