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Resources I have especially useful for matters of (1) LO, (2) OL -
organizational learning, and (3) the paradigm shift to "learning" from
"training, instruction and teaching" include:

Delavigne, Kenneth T. & J. Daniel Robertson. "Deming's profound changes:
When will the sleeping giant awaken?" Prentice Hall, 1994. Describes the
necessary transition from Frederick Taylor's "one best way" (which he
mis-named "scientific management") to the "scientific method" implicit in
the statistical process control (SPC) methods developed by Shewhart,
Juran, Deming and other quality improvement pioneers. Continual
improvement benefits from the learning and experience of individuals and
their work groups, and presentation of ideas (written as "if-then"
statements) from every member of the company.

Langer, Ellen J. "The Power of mindful learning." Addison-Wesley, 1997.
Calls for increased attention to learning in context of use rather than
acquisition. Reports research that challenges assumptions made by
educators about "right" answers, memorization, learning the "basics,"
forgetting as a problem, and other "tried and true" educational
assumptions. Adds weight to what Vaill (1996) reports.

O'Brien, Michael J. with Larry Shook. Profit from experience: How to make
the most of your learning and your life. Bard & Stephen, 1995. A 21 day,
21 exercise action learning resource for taking charge of your own

Vaill, Peter B. "Learning as a way of being: Strategies for survival in a
world of permanent white water." Jossey-Bass, 1996. Describes how
"managerial leaders" can be more effective learners, able to use
self-directed, creative, expressive, feeling, on-line, continual and
reflexive learning. Constructive criticism of "teaching, instruction and

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