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At de Lange wrote:

>If "to learn is to create" is a mental model and not a profound truth of
>the highest order, then, as far as I can see it, humankind is doomed to

Then I suppose I better make sure I have clean underwear for the
hereafter. Are there other profound truths I missed, or is At's the only
one? I thought I also learned sometime on my journey a few profound
lessons in the following list. How are these less profound truths than
At's? What makes them less profound? And, how do they relate less to the
end of humankind than his?

To Create is to Learn?
It is Better to have loved and lost, then never haved loved at all?
Honor thy Mother and Father?
Return things that aren't yours?
Just Do It?
When at First You don't succeed, try, try again?
Have Milk with cookies?
Apologize when you do something wrong to someone?
Treat Others As You would have them treat you?

On a day-to-day basis, I have to confess, I am much more worried about
staying true to these truths than I am the coming bifurcation. And I
would be interested in knowing more about when that will happen, or, at
least, what it means. (Sounds like all on earth will be divided, such as
those who will live in harmony and those who support the Yankees)

Steve Heaps
National Archives at College Park


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