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Dr. Steve Eskow (dreskow@magicnet.net)
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 00:47:14 -0500

Replying to LO16501 --

W. Dressler asks me:

>I am wondering, whether you have learned anything by thinking about At's
>seven essentialities or whether you are more involved in protecting your
>own models. (Besides, your models are also very interesting for me and I
>enjoy your writings very much, for example about living or not of

I have learned a great deal by thinking about At's models.

1. I have learned that I am envious of his literary and linguistic gifts.
He is a born story teller.

2. I have learned much about the vision and the drive of the prophet, the
belief in self that is invincible.

3. I have learned that all my education and training in Western
philosphies make it impossible for me to look at At's work as anything but
an interesting fiction, a parable with less power to persuade me than
those I learned as a child in Sunday school.

4. Which confirms your judgment: those frames through which I judge such
creations as At's do not allow me to accept them as "truth," but allow me
to enjoy them as literature.

I am indeed limited by mental models.

Steve Eskow


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