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Robert Bacal (rbacal@escape.ca)
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 23:48:00 +0000

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On 12 Jan 98 at 15:12, Roxanne Abbas wrote:

> I an aware that I have a fixed mental model on the issue of ranking and
> forced distribution? Please help me if any of you can see that I am
> missing something. Have I closed my mind on this issue so that I'm unable
> to see the positive benefits of these p ractices?

No, I doubt it. To my mind traditional performance management systems are
a result of that ole "fixed mental model". There are so many problems with
current performance management systems:

conflict of evaluation power role vs. learning/helping role
vague criterion, or rating scales or rankings
appearance of objectivity when none is present
multiple conflicting purposes

..and on...and on...

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