A Scale from "lie" to "truth" LO16598

Eugene Taurman (ilx@execpc.com)
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 15:05:17

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>Winfried, wrote:
>First, are mental models not healthy, or worse, evil? Do they keep us
>from seeing the truth?

Yes mental models are healthy and yes mental models keep us from seeing
the truth.

Yes to both. Mental models also make us more efficient and keep us from
trodding down the same path over and over . That very same mechanism that
helps us automatically discriminate new from same old inputs may keep us
from seeing new inputs. It is efficient because we can decide which pigeon
hole quickly. It hurts when what we see does not fit the pigeon hole and
we force fit it or reject it because it does not fit our truths.

>Second, what is truth? I don't mean to be contentious or obtuse. What I
>really want to know is whether we can grasp truth apart from any mental

Truth is what I believe to be true based on my understanding of the world
and life..

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What you are is determined by the thoughts that dominate your mind.
Paraphrase of Proverbs 23 Ch7


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