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John Rafter (
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 22:32:56 +0000

Replying to LO16370 --

Thomas Benjamin wonders if there is much to be learned from prayer life
behavior - possibly in relation to the question of whether organizations
can learn. While I hadn't that in mind when I referred to "two or more"
gathering, I think there is something important in his question.

A partial definition of prayer is "a solemn and humble request." When our
meetings and discussions in organizations - or even this forum - are
characterized by logic, cleverness, and wit, perhaps egos loom too large
for much learning. In prayer, the assumption of humility lets us relax
our need to control, prove our worth, win a point, and influence people.
Perhaps it is at such a "prayer point" that we are most ready to learn.

Perhaps more business meetings should begin with a prayer, with each
member making a solemn and humble request to be heard by others and a
promise to return that act of grace.


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