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On 16 Jan 98 at 9:38, DHurst1046 wrote:

> I should have written that there is consensus on the use of sports
> metaphors IF they appeal to our experience. Obviously as a consultant you
> have to understand what kind of experiences your clients have had, so that
> you can appeal to them. This is another advantage of having a conceptual
> framework which lies between the analogy and the complex phenomenon one is
> trying to understand. For example, one can try to grasp reciprocal
> dependency by talking about basketball, or a string quartet or gardening
> etc. depending upon the client's (and one's own) experience.

I agree about the conceptual framework, et al. I think the problem is the
ubiquitous use of the sports analogies, and even the deification of sports
coaches and's almost standard procedure.

I think it says a good deal more about our society than anything else that
many are drawn to those analogies for guidance. Imagine if you would, how
silly it would be if everywhere we saw Monopoly analogies used to the
extent that sports ones are. And, you know what..they's just both games.

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