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Mon, 26 Jan 1998 16:05:08 +0000

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I would like to add a recent analogy used in my company to explain in a
large senior management meeting how and why a "Millenium Plan" had to
change after 12 months.

The analogy made by the CEO who I respect highly, was with climbing a
mountain, choosing the route, establishing base camps, reviewing progress,
adjusting route in light of new circumstances. This analogy also raised
for me other more fundamental questions which were not discussed.

Why, who and how was this particular mountain chosen? and how do we feel
about this?
Why do we want to climb this mountain? How much did we choose and how
much were we told to? How does this affect our motivation and
Are all the climbers climbing the same mountain? (personal mountains)
Are we all truly roped together, and can we trust each other with our
lives (careers?)
How can we predict the weather and take this into account when choosing
the route?
Do we have the right equipment (skills resource?) to tackle this
particular mountain?
Do we respect each others skills and expertise and know how to get the
best out of them in achieving the goal?
I hope the view at the top will be worth it, and it is worth the effort
for each of us doing the climb?
How do we deal with those who cannot make it to the top?

I feel there is often no time to discuss the implications raised by the
answers to such analogies, or the willingness by managers to even ponder
them. They are treated simply as superficial "turns of phrase" rather
than rich learning opportunities.




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