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meeting Thurs 19 Feb 1998 1815 for 1845

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British Deming Association
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present an introduction to

*** Instrumental Enrichment ***
Gateway to the Learning Organisation

Practical, research based, exposed to rigorous testing
& available here & now!

Linda Borsum & Dr Chet Francke

at Lecture Theatre, Axa Sun Life Centre, Brierly Furlong, Filton, Bristol
(map over)
there will be refreshments before the meeting. Please tell us if you
plan to come (see below).
we would appreciate a donation of Pound5 towards the costs of the meeting.

Instrumental Enrichment is a programme designed to develop a person's
generic ability to learn, and to provide him/her with a new skill:
'learning how to improve your ability to learn'.

The programme has been developed over the last 40 years by Professor
Reuven Feuerstein as a tool for improving the learning process in
children and adults. It has been applied successfully to a wide range of
people, including: children with Downs syndrome, PhD engineers, and
industrial managers and is being used in schools, a number of prominent
US universities and leading industrial organisations such as Peugeot,
Renault, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Nestle, Motorola, Israel Aircraft and

Feuerstein's instrumental enrichment programme offers the business and
educational communities a way to improve thinking and learning skills for
the 21st century.

Instrumental Enrichment is an innovative approach to education for the
workplace and classroom to prepare for the new intellectual challanges of
the 21st century and the global market place. The programme was developed
by Professor Reuven Feuerstein based on his life long research and
understanding of the brain's cognitive processes and human motivation.

Feuerstein has shown that we are all 'learning impaired' (even those with
impressive college degrees!) - but need not accept our condition. He has
shown that normal people can continuously improve their basic learning
and thinking abilities. Indeed with suitable training in the skills of
'learning about learning', this process of personal improvement can be
continued into advanced old age (it is certainly relevant to people in
their 70's).

Feuerstein's Instrumental Enrichment programme provides the key to
achieving this exciting prospect. It offers the individual:
* A method for acquiring a wider repertoire of thinking skills
* A way of identiying their own barriers to learning and problem solving
- and then systematically strengthening their particular weak areas
* An introduction to important concepts and general strategies for
learning and thinking - which supports a transition to a more active and
challenging approach to problems
* Greater awareness of the importance of insight and deeply reflective

The programme's combination of cognitive and affective aspects of
learning contributes additionally by:
* Developing intrinsic motivation
*Building effective team learning and problem-solving capability
* Encouraging the positive aspects of co-operative work and diminishing
destructive competition

What are the Goals of Instrumental Enrichment for Business?
* Greater engagement of the spirit - more 'joy in work'
* Better communication within teams engaged on complex tasks
* Enhanced innovation and creativity

What are the Goals of Instrumental Enrichment for Education?
* More involvement and excitement and 'joy in learning' in the classroom
* Faster learning
* Deeper thinking

The Presenters
Linda Borsum has over 25 years experience in Education as a teacher,
administrator, and assistant superintendent and is a fully qualified
trainer in Instrumental Enrichment and Mediated Learning Experience.. A
pioneer in the application of Deming theory and quality to education, she
is also a respected examiner for the Baldrige Prize, the most prestigious
award for quality in the US. Last year Linda was part of a team who
organised the 1997 National Governor's Conference on Quality in Education
for Governor John Engler at Dearborn, Michigan.

Dr Chet Francke is a former General Motors Corporation executive. As
Chief Operating Officer of the Michigan Partnership for New Education at
Michigan State University College of Education he was responsible for
initiating school, university and community change in education. He is
experienced in human resource development, administration, and quality
theory as applied to business, industry and education. Chet is an
examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award and the Michigan Quality
Council. With a doctorate in Education Administration, Dr.Francke is well
qualified to assist 'learning organisations' in developing continuous
improvement and system evaluation.

Getting there
The Sun Life Centre is adjacent to Bristol Parkway station. The station
is signposted from J1 of the M32 and from Filton and Patchway.

Tell us you are coming
Please let us know that you are coming so that we can have enough
sandwiches, tea, coffee and juice to greet you.

Do invite others you think may be interested and let us have their names

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