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Paul Foley (paul@kynesis.co.uk)
Fri, 23 Jan 98 15:46:32 -0000

Replying to LO16635 --

>One of the characteristics of recent changes has been to reject these
>structures and
>to focus more on hierarchical management and corporate structures which
>engage very poorly with these traditional structures.

Maybe that is the way to get senior execs interested. We need to
demonstrate that their success in the healthcare business depends on
knowledge that used to be managed by these structures. What is their
vision of the same group of "professionals" in even five years time
without the learning support of traditional structures. All this is
particularly relevant in countries like the UK which are putting more and
more of their healthcare into the private sector.

Paul Foley


Paul Foley <paul@kynesis.co.uk>

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