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Getting knowledge structures across in health?

One problem of knowledge-based concepts in health is that in reality the
traditional power structures have been established around knowlege
concepts - i.e. professional colleges, teaching hospitals, research
institutes, drug companies etc. These structures had many flaws, of
course, but they were essentially knowledge based. One of the
characteristics of recent changes has been to reject these structures and
to focus more on hierarchical management and corporate structures which
engage very poorly with these traditional structures. I think it is
difficult for many managers to recognise that they are not the centre of
the action in this regard, and they need to look outside their traditional

I am not sure that this is a message that you can get across to senior


Gray Southon

>I'm about to speak to a group of senior managers in a large international
>healthcare company and I'm interested in finding some practical examples
>of LO principles being applied in healthcare organisations.

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