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Fri, 23 Jan 1998 13:04:22 -0500 (EST)

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> Regarding the third category, organizational learning, we have been
> talking about some business or organizational simulations to help
> understand their organizational learning processes and to help them model
> better systems. The simulations might be of organizational processes or
> how they create large scale responses to competitive issues in the market
> place.
> Anyone have any experiences or ideas on this topic? Thanks

I have nearly completed reading Chris Argyris' "Knowledge for Action:
A Guide to Overcoming Barriers to Organizational Change"
(ISBN = 1555425194) in which he details organizational defensive
routines (which inhibit learning) and shows how he helped the
directors of the company under study create their own simulation
cases from current organizational processes and competitive issues.

Those cases were then used to help the directors see and
understand their own defensive routines, and how they
helped to create organizational defenses and inhibit learning.

It's a bit slow reading at the beginning, but I think you'll find
it directly applicable to your question. If you want to know
more about the book, or to bounce ideas around on how to
implement it with your organization, I'd be happy to share with you!


- David


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