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Dale Emery (
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 10:01:38 -0800

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> Speficially we are attempting to build a model to explain
> many of the variables we consider important and contributory
> to the level of accountability of individuals and groups
> in organizations.

What do you mean by accountability? I hear people use the word in many
different ways, usually as an interpretation of some unspecified set of
behaviors and attitutes.

Also, I've heard "accountability" used in two broad ways, as an external
assessment (I hold someone else accountable for something) and as an
internal assessment (I feel and accept accountability to some person for

Can you help me understand how you are using the word?

If you had a model of the variables that contribute to accountability,
what would that do for you? If you had more accountability (internal,
external, or some other form) in your organization, what would that do for


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