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Dianne Ball (z8179506@student.unsw.edu.au)
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 19:32:25 +1100

Replying to LO16635 from Gray Southon where he said:

" I think it is difficult for many managers to recognise that they are not
the centre of the action in this regard, and they need to look outside
their traditional frameworks. I am not sure that this is a message that
you can get across to senior execs."

Hello Gray - good to hear from you. (Any other Aussies on the list?)

[Host's Note: Actually... Quite a few... Rick]

What are the implications of your statement? It seems that your thoughts
are similar to mine in that I don't have a lot of optimism for healthcare
organisations (& I refer specifically to large publicly funded
organisations) to move very far down the track of the LO continuum.
(That's why I'm doing the research at Westmead Hospital to find out what
individual units can or cannot do.) To me, the large and very dominant
influences such as traditional knowledge bases, competing power struggles,
lack of financial incentive, political will, professional silo mindsets, &
the (dare I say it) the 'Peter Principle' that is still apparently in
vogue (to promote someone to their level of incompetence) are overwhelming
for senior execs in the public health sector.

Does that mean that large public hospitals have a limited lifespan because
their ability to learn is significantly curtailed by excessive 'baggage'?
Therefore they will not be able to respond appropriately to today's
turbulent climate. This situation se ems to readily apply to other public
sector bodies, eg education system & police service. If these
institutions are not ready & able to confront 'reality' then the future
looks extremely gloomy.

How applicable is the above scenario to public sectors in other countries
(or the Medicare system in the States) or is Australia just further behind
in this area?

Dianne Ball


Dianne Ball <z8179506@student.unsw.edu.au>

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