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Thu, 29 Jan 1998 13:48:43 +1100

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Unfortunately the only response I have to the following is a highly
emotive negative one.

I will try to temper this reaction.

Ben you said :
>Why is there is a disparity between the rich and the poor?
>The basic
>elements are the quality and power of their ideas, their competence, the
>passion with which they work

Although this staement may be a trus description of reality, I find that
it's use in the promotion of competion to be another example of "the
haves" keeping "the have not's" away from the cookie jar.

I have an 18 year old son with a severe intellectual disability. Are you
saying that he is lazy, uninterested in his future, lacks passion, etc.
and this is why he is poor and will continue to be so.

Are you saying that unless he competes with others then he "deserves" to
stay poor. ??

Denis Cowan


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