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I'm in a bit of a hurry, as I have to get to the airport but I'll make a
few points. I understand your concerns. Many of them were once my

On capital, money, etc. here's the best explanation of it's basics and
it's purpose I've ever read.

Why is there is a disparity between the rich and the poor? The basic
elements are the quality and power of their ideas, their competence, the
passion with which they work. There are very powerful restraining forces
that keep people tied to their poverty: Religion, social theory,
government interference, etc. These factors often keep the choices that
could save us hidden from our view. It takes a lot of guts to break free
from the tyranny others have over our mind.

It would be unethical to deliberately create a situation in which wages
drop, so a business can get cheap labor. For two reasons: a) such an
approach deliberately hurts another, b) it circumvents the obligation to
trade value for value. Should someone practice this approach, I think it
will prove to their own destruction.

I would highly recommend reading Ayn Rand's works. At a minimum I'd
recommend Atlast Shrugged. It is a powerful book. You might also read The
Virtue of Selfishness.

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