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>At 09:44 3/2/98 -0800, Walter Derzko wrote:
>Week #5-Concept Transfer
>What does Airplane Turbine Research have to do with Eye Surgery?
>Nothing at first glance-sorry for the pun!
>Technology originally developed by the Engineering Department at
>the University of Warwick to examine the behavior of airplane
>turbines is now to be used to revolutionize the way surgeons
>perform a particular range of eye operations. See the Feb 2, 1998
>press release at
>"This is a good example of "concept transfer" The cognitive process
>involves 1) taking an idea or solution to an application in one field,
>2) extracting the concept from the idea and 3) transferring
>the concept (not the idea) into a totally unrelated discipline.
>In many cases we develop a totally new opportunity window"

Dear Org-learners,

I read with great interest on the Opportuni-Tease #5 - *Concept Transfer*
by Walter Derzko.

Recently I am looking into this area (without knowing what specific terms
to look for) by examining the situation of taking ideas from management,
business or even industrial engineering and apply to construction

I know that it is quite a common situation but when I search through many
CD-ROMs use the term *Concept Transfer*. No results was found. As advised
by Walter, this is a term invented by him. I wonder what other keyword
terms should I use to make my search more successful. Any references on
describing this concept is highly appreciated.

I can be contacted by e-mail at <>

I appreciate in advance for your help.

Patrick Fong

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