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Deming's ideas have been applied to the construction industry. A speaker
at the last AME convention in San Antonio spoke of how he applied them to
his company. He focus on time to provide the service and reduced his
vender base to obtain better reliability just like Toyota.

The first step is putting Deming's ideas into the management mind sets so
actions follow the ideas. After that it is easy and applies to any field.


At 04:06 PM 3/2/98 +0800, you wrote:
>I read with great interest on the Opportuni-Tease #5 - *Concept Transfer*
>by Walter Derzko.
>Recently I am looking into this area (without knowing what specific terms
>to look for) by examining the situation of taking ideas from management,
>business or even industrial engineering and apply to construction
>I know that it is quite a common situation but when I search through many
>CD-ROMs use the term *Concept Transfer*. No results was found. As advised
>by Walter, this is a term invented by him. I wonder what other keyword
>terms should I use to make my search more successful. Any references on
>describing this concept is highly appreciated.

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