360 Degree Feedback & Pay LO17261

Christian Giroux (Christian.Giroux@lmc.ericsson.se)
Tue, 3 Mar 1998 07:38:47 -0500

Replying to LO17235 --

Roxanne asks:
> "I would like to expand the discussion to include the pros
> and cons of linking 360 degree feedback to pay."
Roxanne, I believe the 360 degree feedback tool can be a good tool
for feedback, but I would not accept that pay be linked to it. Just as I
believe any kind of feedback (like performance appraisal) should not be
linked to pay.

I heard Peter Block say, about 360 degree feedback, that instead
of getting s... from 1 place, you get it from all around (it was pretty
close to that, and he used the s word). I do not completely agree with
that, since one can receive valuable information on how he/she is being

A weakness in the process (in the way it's most often
implemented), is the anonymity, and thus the difficulty in getting
"actionable" feedback, since it's hard to ask questions get a more precise
idea of what the people giving the feedback actually mean. Such a weakness
(for the cases where the process is anonymous) is, in my mind, a reason
for not linking the results to pay.


Christian Giroux, Manager, Operational Development - PU WIN Applications Ericsson Research Inc. Montrial


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