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> I heard Peter Block say, about 360 degree feedback, that instead
> of getting s... from 1 place, you get it from all around (it was pretty
> close to that, and he used the s word). I do not completely agree with
> that, since one can receive valuable information on how he/she is being
> perceived.

Peter Block is a wonderful writer who may at times become a little full of
himself. There are very good 360 degree tools and all have to be
administered well and require excellent interpretation with follow-up
plans. The one I use analyzes ratings that move too far above or below
the group mean with an intercorrelation matrix so that a true group
perception is created and this improves the credibility of results for
those who distrust certain individuals who may be in the mix.

[Host's Note: David, would you say a bit more... What are some of the good
360 tools and what are the keys to applying them well? ...Rick]

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