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Roxanne Abbas (rabbas@comp-web.com)
Tue, 3 Mar 1998 07:20:06 -0600

Replying to LO17244 --

Dear Org Learners,

I have read every word each of you has written on this wild and wondrous
thread. I have reflected and ruminated and discussed and debated. This
is where I am today:

1. I believe that in order to maintain integrity in ourselves and our
organizations, the tools we use must support our underlying beliefs and
values. I see this as an application of Systems Thinking.

2. I have become a strong believer in the value of cooperation in the

3. I tend to see competition as antithetical to cooperation.

4. I believe that employee ranking is a useful tool in organizations that
encourage competition among employees.

5. Many others believe that competition among employees is useful in some
situations or even preferable to cooperation as a model for success in the

6. Therefore, I have come to believe that employee ranking can be a useful
tool in some organizations.

Please let me know if and where you see the flaws in my thinking.

Best regards,



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