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Richard Goodale (fc45@dial.pipex.com)
Sat, 07 Mar 98 08:38:33 GMT

Replying to LO17263

Dear Roxanne

I don't believe that there are "flaws in your thinking." Rather, you have
some beliefs that are contrary to those of others, including my own.
Particularly, I do not share your vision that "competition is antithetical
to cooperation." My experience tells me nearly the opposite. To me,
virtually all important human endeavor involves some combination of the
two. You apparently believe otherwise.

Given that belief of yours, your position on "employee ranking systems" is
a very logical one. Given my contrary belief, my position that such
systems have some value is also logical.

So, until either one or both of of us changes certain aspects of our
mental model(s), we're doomed to disagree, at least on this issue. I'm
willing to learn. Can you give me any empirical or anecdotal evidence to
support your belief in the antithetical nature of cooperation and
competition? I'll give you one that supports my beliefs: the
cooperation/competition within and betweeen the Watson/Crick and
Wilkins/Franklin teams which led to the discovery of the structure of DNA.


Richard Goodale
The Dornoch Partnership
"Hope I die before I get mold." (What baby boomer/Who fans like me say after
they've reached 50)

> I have read every word each of you has written on this wild and wondrous
> thread. I have reflected and ruminated and discussed and debated. This
> is where I am today:


Richard Goodale <fc45@dial.pipex.com>

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