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Dr N W Silvestro (Aberlour@email.msn.com)
Wed, 4 Mar 1998 11:05:53 -0000

I am putting together a pilot Leadership Toolkit workshop process for
Clinicians and Managers in a healthcare organisation to help them to
experiment with a range of ways of improving their planning and problem
solving, teamworking and relationship building, and listening and supporting
skills and dealing with uncertainty.

This will focus on tools that they can use on their own and with their work
teams, for example, SWOT analysis, Problem Solving tools - Brainstorming,
Force Field Analysis, Responsibility Charting, etc...

We are currently facing some major uncertainties stimulated by Government
reforms which seek to establish better multi agency collaboration (inside
and outside) the health care setting. So the tools need to focus on
helping these individuals deal with issues relating to this uncertainty,
anxiety, conflict and motivation.

I'd appreciate your suggestions for concise and easy to use tools at my
direct email address.
( nw_silvestro@hotmail.com )

Norrie W Silvestro


"Dr N W Silvestro" <Aberlour@email.msn.com>

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