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Thu, 5 Mar 1998 11:29:37 -0700

The US Department of Energy (DOE) and the Westinghouse Electric Company of
CBS, Inc. have established an interactive web site to facilitate the
transfer of free training, HRD, OD, and LO materials from the DOE Carlsbad
Area Office to US organizations and citizens. Since 1995, we have
completed over 5,000 transfers to US organizational representatives and
citizens, many of whom are members of this list. With the launching of
this web site, we hope to make our materials even more accessible to you.
The site address is:

The site contains the following:

- List and short descriptions of available training/HRD/OD/LO
materials, including management, leadership, general employee,
instructor needs analysis tools and surveys; training and safety
procedure manuals; and management, TQM, and grantwriting courses.
- On-line form to request materials
- Transfer terms and conditions
- Center for downloading versions in PC MSWord 7.0a; PC WordPerfect 5.x;
Mac MSWord 5.1; Adobe PDF 3.0 (over 10,000 pages of material total)

To obtain materials, simply fill out the on-line form. We will obtain
necessary approvals and send to you a password for downloading material
from the site.

Bill Keeley
Manager of Economic and Technological Development
Carlsbad, NM 88221


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