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Tom Christoffel (tjcdsgns@head.globalcom.net)
Fri, 6 Mar 1998 07:52:03 -0500

Replying to LO17287 --

Steve -

I read Rick's suggestion as asking for "a clean resolution" between Rol
and Roxanne who appeared to be at loggerheads. Roxanne responded with her
statement of her beliefs and that has helped focus thinking for the List
on this highly important issue. I've responded to that - the issue of
cooperation and competition remains in our culture, in our organizations
and in our lives.

I feel that as the list owner he does have the right to review and decide
that the "tone" of something is not suitable and ask the poster to review.
In this medium "flames" happen and we wordsmith's don't know what set
someone else off. Rick returned a post to me and I made a change. No

Developing a ranking system for ourselves as poster children in this
virtual organization would be interesting. I'd considered suggesting such
a thing for us earlier. There could be objective measures like spelling
and grammar, length sentences, complexity of words, and subjective ones -
on point, pirouettes, leaps, style - perhaps managed by a committe of
Russian Figure Skating Judges, and humor.

I've heard it said that, for any organization of three or more people, a
consultant can never go wrong in the report by making a recommendation for
"improved communications." Everyone agrees with that, since no one feels
they are understood 100%. As most of the members of the list either are
consultants, act in that capacity within their organizations, or may
aspire to be that - the List is an exercise in "improved communications."

Of the many lists I've used and the one's I currently participate in, this
is the best at providing a balance of the practical and theoretical. On my
list it ranks #1. Here, re: Mr. Natural, we "quest into the unknown," yet
our bags are packed.

Peace Dynamic


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