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Replying to LO17335 --

Hi Richard

You said in LO 17335 --
>Can you give me any empirical or anecdotal evidence to support your
>belief in the antithetical nature of cooperation and competition? I'll
>give you one that supports my beliefs: the cooperation/competition
>within and between the Watson/Crick and Wilkins/Franklin teams which led
>to the discovery of the structure of DNA.

I need some clarification. Is Watson/Crick a team, and Wilkins/Franklin a
team ? And is it the competition between these two teams you are
referring to that spurred them on and lead to the discovery of DNA ?

If the answers to the question are yes, then I believe you and Roxanne are
talking of two different contexts of cooperation and competition. I think
Roxanne's belief is Watson/Crick could not cooperate on the project and at
the same time compete between themselves. If two or more people need each
other in order to complete a task successfully, then a work enviroment
that causes them to compete against each other is counter productive.

If the answer to the above questions are no, then the point above is not
relevant and I need more understanding of your example (sorry, I am not
familiar with these teams and their roles in the discovery of DNA).


Geof Fountain TFYY93A@prodigy.com

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