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Steve Barnett (
Mon, 9 Mar 1998 10:52:31 NZST-12

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Thanks for your comment.

Your summary "do what you are passionate about" is a fair summary.

Your caution to:

> "Take care for other people, don't forget to serve also others and
> not only yourself while being passionate".

is of course an essential accompanying passion.

You added:

> Otherwise, its a short and passionatly ecstatic way to Aleister Crowleys
> "Thelematic laws" - a clear immergence.

I agree, Winfried. Nicely put.

I observe though, that neither passion nor serving others require complex
analysis or reductionist understanding to flourish together.

All the best to you too,

Steve Barnett

Lecturer, Management, Manukau Business School, Manukau Institute of
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