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I V N S Raju (IVNSR@anand.nddb.ernet.in)
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In response to John's list entitled Emotional.......... Tom made the
following contribution:

> After reading these, I responded to John saying: "I would like to
> distribute it with attribution to lists relating to learning - the
> Learning Organization List and people in regional cooperation/community.
> The word emotional can be a barrier. I wonder if you could come up with,
> or there exists, Top 10 Logical Requirements of a Flourishing Community?
> Here's my first cut -
> 1. Common interest
> 2. Proximity - geographic or telegraphic
> 3. Problem solving peers
> 4. Significance of the work
> 5. Sustainability and growth
> 6. Mutual aid
> 7. Economies of scale
> 8. Environmental scanning and management
> 9. Credibility
> 10. Language/communication
> Thomas J. (Tom) Christoffel * e-mail: tjcdsgns@shentel.net
> My mission: "Regions_Work!"
> Why? "All markets are regional and the economy is global. Two or more
> crossing boundaries to solve a problem is regional cooperation."


this is a quick reflection on your contribution. emotion stems from a
concern. Concern could be of any nature as described by Maslow. When a
community is concerned about certain things it is bound to be driven
emotionally by those concerns. Such emotional driving endures as long as
there is a LOVE for those concerns. I mean to say here that LOVE pervades
in all human actions. Once that LOVE is recognised 90% of the concern is
addressed. Those communities that exhibit and live for LOVE would only



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