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LonBadgett (LonBadgett@aol.com)
Mon, 9 Mar 1998 09:27:01 EST

Replying to LO17344 --

> I wonder what does occur for members of the list when they get their daily
> passel of messages: How do they sort them out? What are their ways of
> acknowledging value encountered in others messages?

Darn good questions. I hope everyone puts in a line or two about this.
For my part, since I always read my mail early in the morning, I first
scan my list of subjects and delete any obvious spam (i.e., TurboSex.com,
etc.). Then I look for messages about hot projects I am working on,
followed by personal messages from friends. Then I usually scan the
remaining stuff, including the LO daily posts, from top to bottom.

I don't pay the slightest attention to the numbering system Rick so
diligently employs. I prefer a message that has a short reference at the
top and a strong beginning paragraph that tells me where it is headed. I
usually read anything less than ten lines (no screen scrolling!) no matter
what the topic is.

[Host's Note: Software puts in the msg numbers. I'm not that diligent!

I have about 10 "favorite" contributors whose stuff I always scan, and a
few "least favorite" contributors whose works I seldom read unless their
opening is a real grabber. On average I get fewer than 100 messages
daily, including those I delete. My entire mail is read in about 30
minutes and I usually spend an additional 15 minutes or so sending quick
replies. I schedule time during the day to send any long responses.

If I encounter a "classic" LO message I either save the entire message or
extract the relevent portion and save that in a special folder. When I
write contributors and refer to their message as a "keeper", that is
precisely what I mean. I review these from time to time to see if they
still strike the same chord, and if they don't, they I delete them.

I find that the assortment of ideas in the LO posts charges my creative
writing batteries each day and gives me a wide range of ideas from which to
draw as I perform other tasks.


Lon Badgett lonbadgett@aol.com "The good things I read, like the good things I eat, always become me." Emil Gobersneke

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