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Richard C. Holloway (thejournal@thresholds.com)
Mon, 09 Mar 1998 22:34:28 -0800

Replying to LO17358 --

Lon--I read your response and felt like I was looking in the rearview
mirror. The only significant difference--I was saving so many messages
that I finally succumbed to referring myself to the archives, searching by

So Rick--any chance of a search engine like the kind Michael Lissack has
on the complex-list? Not whining--just asking!

[Host's Note: Sorry, I'd be interested, but haven't been able to organize
it. If anyone knows about how to rig-up a search engine on our archives,
please write me. ...Rick]

LonBadgett wrote:

> Replying to LO17344 --
> I have about 10 "favorite" contributors whose stuff I always scan, and a
> few "least favorite" contributors whose works I seldom read unless their
> opening is a real grabber. On average I get fewer than 100 messages
> daily, including those I delete. My entire mail is read in about 30
> minutes and I usually spend an additional 15 minutes or so sending quick
> replies. I schedule time during the day to send any long responses.
> If I encounter a "classic" LO message I either save the entire message or
> extract the relevent portion and save that in a special folder. When I
> write contributors and refer to their message as a "keeper", that is
> precisely what I mean. I review these from time to time to see if they
> still strike the same chord, and if they don't, they I delete them.
> I find that the assortment of ideas in the LO posts charges my creative
> writing batteries each day and gives me a wide range of ideas from which to
> draw as I perform other tasks.


Doc Holloway

"Truth does not emerge from opinions; it must emerge from something else-perhaps
from a more free movement of this tacit mind.  So we have to get meanings
coherent if we are going to perceive truth, or to take part in the truth."
-David Bohm
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