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TIM CLARK (t2clark@cleveland.dfas.mil)
Mon, 9 Mar 1998 12:55:10 -0500

Replying to LO17301 --

In regards to ranking the quality and relevance of each message ...

An effective ranking system would need to meet the feedback needs of the
wide variety of LO members. Perhaps a start would be to ask members the
following questions:

1. What is your interest in the LO List?
1. What do you need (and/or) how do you benefit?
2. What are your expectations?
3. What evidence do you need that your expectations are being met?

I would also suggest that members vote on any proposed ranking system and
that majority wins. A non-response from a member should be counted as a
vote against the need for a ranking system.

I think the LO list currently has an effective feedback system. Existing
feedback indicators include: the number of new members, retention of
members, the number of people that respond to a given subject, timely
postings and coverage of a wide variety of subjects.

An additional feedback indicator that I would find interesting is the
number of people that read an individual posting.

I have been a member of this list for over 18 months and in general, find
the list a good place to review information, suggestions, postings and
responses, test reaction to a concept via a personal posting and to keep
updated on LO topics. I don't expect too much more and often feel guilty
for not taking the time to provide more feedback to people.

-- Tim

Tim Clark ("Tim") tjclark@aol.com

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