Flashes of Leadership Insight? LO17376

Tue, 10 Mar 1998 14:13:04 -0500 (EST)

Replying to LO17365 --

Walter Dzerko says "insight is tied to knowledge or wisdom, instead of
data or intellect."(paraphrased)

Walter, I've taught and practiced various forms of meditation for over 20
years, one of which is called "insight meditation." The term comes from
the Sanskrit word, vipashyana, and also means "awareness." Awareness is a
sense of space, clarity and openness that develops as the mind is tamed
through various techniques. So, I would add to your above statement that
insight is not a product of the thinking / cognitive mind - instead, it
arises when the active mind is quiet or distracted or even highly focused
(such as in the martial arts.)

You then listed a number of good questions - some of which imply that the
production of insight is a cognitive process that follows a causal
sequence... I would argue those are invalid to this topic for the above
reasons and that the experience of insight can definitely be cultivated,
but to approach it from within a cognitive paradigm is not productive
(it's like trying to solve the 9 dots exercise from inside the box - it's
a paradox .)

However, there are many techniques an individual can learn and practice
that, over time, will make themselves more "insight-prone." You're
welcome to call me or send me email if you want to discuss in more detail.

Synthia Smith
Mastery of Learning



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